I generally board commercials for TV and the internet and have been since 1998. I have also done some drama and a couple of videogames.

Features/TV drama:
2012 Snake and Mongoose. Dir - Wayne Holloway
2011 Great Expectations. Dir - Brian Kirk, BBC
2011 tba feature. Dir - Ben Wheatley
2011 One Night. Dir - David Evens, BBC
2010 Whitechapel. Dir - David Evans, BBC
2008 Silent Witness. Dir - Thaddeus O'Sullivan, BBC
2007 Into The Storm. Dir - Thaddeus O'Sullivan, HBO/BBC/Scott Free Productions
2006/7 Frequently Asked Questions About Timetravel. Dir - Gareth Carrivick, HBO/BBC
2001 The Tale of the Rats. Working Title

2009 James Bond 007 - Bloodstone. Dir - self, Bizarre Creations/Activision
2009 Blur. Dir - self, Bizarre Creations/Activision

Clients: Amarillo, BBC, BBH, Channel 4, Exposure, Interrogate, Knucklehead, MTV, Outsider, Patricia Murphy Films, Psycho, Publicis QMP, Red Bee, Rogue, RSA, Sky Creative Services, Tomboy, The Viral Factory

Brands: BMW, Chanel, Levi’s, Toyota, Guinness, Lacoste, Hyundai, Hennessy, Clairol, Gordon’s, Citroën, BBC Promos, Bacardi, Kellogg’s, Nissan, Saab, Orange, Nintendo, Visa, Renault